Why People Choose The Comfort Dental Way.

Dental implants have given millions of people a second chance to eat the foods they love, to laugh with confidence and to enjoy their lives after tooth loss. The Comfort Dental’s proprietary and streamlined approach not only accelerates the procedure and saves you time, it also helps make dental implants affordable. What takes other doctors over a year to complete, we do in just  one day with a Comfort Guarantee.

Best Prices

Personalized treatment options provided at fair and reasonable fees with affordable financing available.

Privately Owned & Patient Centered

Owned and operated by Dr. Memmott. We are patient advocates, not corporate shareholders advocates.

No Bone Treament Options & Solutions
Do not despair. If you have been told you could not have dental implants, we have the solution including zygomatic implants.
Zirconia Implants Options
For our patients who have metal allergies and concerns, we have metal-free implant solutions.
All in One Office
What takes other doctors over a year to complete, here at Comfort Dental we can do it in one day.
One Day Transformation
You will enjoy the benefit of our proprietary approach to teeth in just one day. Your time and comfort are very important to us.
Sedation Dentistry
Here at Comfort Dental we offer IV and Non-IV sedation to make the uncomfortable: Comfortable.
A Solution that can last a lifetime
Crowns, bridges and dentures usually last 5-8 years. Implants are a lifetime solution.
Dental Implants look, fit and function like natural teeth
Be confident and ready to smile and enjoy your favorite food again!

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