The probable use of preventive antibiotics before specific dental procedures have been recommended to patients with certain heart conditions like Infective Endocarditis.

Earlier than this time, patients with nearly every type of heart defect are required to receive antibiotics one hour before the dental procedure or any invasive procedures in mouth, throat, the gastrointestinal genital, or urinary tract. Nevertheless, in the year 2007, the American Heart Association has simplified its recommendations. By this time, taking antibiotics before a dental procedure is only recommended for patients with a higher risk of having Infective Endocarditis. Even those patients that have a history of Endocarditis or a heart transplant with abnormal heart valve function, certain congenital heart defects. That includes Cyanotic congenital heart disease. Also, congenital disabilities with oxygen levels that are lower than usual, that has never been fully recovered will have to take the antibiotic as well.

For numerous patients with a particular history of complications, we encourage you to talk with your dentists accordingly. There is an intervention of a cardiologist if we follow the latest guidelines of AHA.

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