It is in everyone’s knowledge that almost all of us will lose a tooth by the time we are seniors, several might think that this is only a cosmetic issue,  but failure to replace a missing or extracted tooth can result to a significant problem. For those patients who have just recently lost a tooth or will have a tooth extracted shortly, single-tooth dental implants are one of the most effective and safe options for restoring your smile. The individual numbers of teeth served an essential role beyond helping us eat and speak.

The primal roots of our teeth go deep into our jaws and skulls to stimulate the bone. And when they are no longer there, the bone will be encouraged and will eventually be weakened. And those patients with more than one missing teeth are also at risk of developing facial deformities, gum disease, malocclusion, and even tooth decay. The technology serves as to pave the way to create a removable device such as dentures that can probably help with the few of these issues, but sometimes they are not always enough.

The dental implants are one of the latest and most popular long term treatments for tooth loss. These probable devices begin with a titanium rod that is fully anchored into the jaw or the skull in the hole that has been left by the missing tooth. The one that is attached to the top of the rod is a small device that acts as the “saddle” of the crown. These crowns are also made custom for the patients and designed to perfectly match the tone and the shape of the nature of the teeth. While on the other hand, single-tooth implants are so successful because its screening process is extensive. The procedure of a single-tooth dental implant can be generally carried around out in around an hour.

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