So What Really Causes Why You Have a Bad Breath?

We all know that bad breath is really embarassing. Did you know the cause of it? You will be able to prevent the embarassment by knowing and understand how and where you get this bad breath. You would only need to read more below.

Bad breath is also called halitosis, and there is a number of issues that is causing this.

Foods. Although temporary, but some foods can give us bad breath. If it contains like coffee, onions, garlic or any fragrant foods, it can definitely leave your mouth less than fresh. You would only need to brush your teeth to address this or chew some sugar-free gum – perhaps, use mouthwash and experience the burst of freshness.

Smoking. This has the great factor of bad breath. Smoking not only causes bad breath but also they can create oral cancers, gum irritation and a stain teeth – you don’t want to have these. A smoking free lifestyle can reduce negative effects. It’s better to have bad breath than cancer right? Either of the two, it is still very bad for you.

Other dental issues. It could be caused by cavities or gum disease and it is common. There is what we call ill-fitting or a crowded teeth which can cause bad breath. What we recommend is to see your dentist immediately to take care of these issues.

Bacteria. Bacteria will be always there in your mouth if you don’t regularly brush your teeth, perform some flossing and do regular visit to the dentists. Bad breath is also caused by bacteria build up. ADA recommends brushing at least twice a day which includes flossing and a visit to the dentist. Keep your bacteria in check if you do this.

Lack of Saliva or Dry Mouth. You need saliva and your mouth should produce this so it won’t dry. Dryness can be caused by medications and a health concern as well, which isn’t related to dental, so you should watch this out.

If you keep a regular visit to your trusted dentist, you will definitely have an excellent oral health all the way. This is a matter of a strategy as well which involves tools that will keep your gums and teeth healthy. If you are specifically located in Spring texas, you should visit Nathan Memmott, DDS.