Affordable Dental Implants in Houston

I’m confident that you have seen just how much dental implants normally cost. The price has certainly made your jaw drop. If your dentist is trying to rip you off maybe you wonder. In this article, we will investigate the typical costs of dental implants (specifically in Houston), and why they cost as much as they do. At the end of this report, we will explain how easy it is to get the dental implant which you want without needing to break your bank account.


The majority of us don’t like spending a lot of our savings, especially on procedures like cosmetic dentistry. Let’s face it is not the funniest thing in the world. Nearly all dentists in and around the Houston area are charging worth of $2,500 for dental implants. Including the implant, abutment, and the crown. At Nathan Memmott, DDS, we have tried our best to let the public understand our price for a simple implant.


Generally speaking, dental implants can cost between 2,500-$50,000 depending on the complexity of your situation. The end of the cost is usually seen for patients that need their oral health to be completely reconstructed by multiple implants in both their jaw. Please be aware that this is an estimate and it can vary based on individual patient circumstances and may require additional costs.


With bone tissue and gum, at Nathan Memmott, DDS, the cost to replace one tooth with an implant is $1,999. This sinus lifting, and doesn’t include any extra procedures like bone grafting. The expense of these procedures varies from person to person and will be given to you during your consultation appointment. But if your tissue and bone levels are adequate and healthy, that our fee is seriously affordable. There’s no bait and switch with that price.

The average price or dental implants is worth of $2,000. Be careful once you see ads for implants priced for less than that amount. Most times, that includes the implant without the abutment and crown.

Most dental insurances do not cover the cost of dental implants, but there are a few carriers that do help cover a portion of it. Strategies vary, and we are going to find out if your dental plan covers some part of your therapy.


As mentioned earlier, the expense of a single implant with no extra processes is between $1500 to $2500. The same can be said about needing many implants. Each implant costs the same amount. The amount will change depending on how many teeth you have lost. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS will break down a customized treatment plan for you, and tell you exactly what is required and how much it will cost.

The Dental Savings Plan can also help you save up to 15% off your therapy.


Nowadays, people are opting for implant-supported dentures that differ by giving support and stability to the patient when their dentures are working. The cost, at Nathan Memmott, DDS, can range from $6,000-$20,000 depending our your custom treatment plan. Additional costs could include the need to remove teeth, bone grafting, sinus lifting, etc.. During your consultation visit Dr. Memmott, DDS and her staff will break down the costs, and what it takes for you to recover the smile of your dreams.

These dentures are becoming more common, as people want a denture for working and chewing functions.

The Dental Savings Plan can also help you save as much as 15% off your treatment.


Here we’re going to breakdown dental implants can cost so much, so you understand the amount of work involved, and your dentist is more than likely not trying to pull one over you.

CT Scan or X-ray: A scan may be required before your dental implant placement. As it does take some time to look at and determine a treatment program for every 27, you will charge for the scan. The x-ray or the scan will serve as a blueprint or a base to if their will be, and where the dental implant will be placed. At Nathan Memmott, DDS, your scan will be read at no cost.

Teeth Extractions: The regions where implants will need to be placed may require the affiliated teeth to be removed. The will raise the costs of your treatment for every tooth that should be removed.

Bone Grafting: There is also a chance that a procedure called a bone graft is going to be needed. There is A bone graft artificial bone that’s added to the website when your bone tissue is harvested and placed in the area where the implants will be placed, or where the implant will be placed. The costs of this can vary and will be explained to you in great detail during your consultation appointment with Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS.

Cost of Materials: The cost of obtaining all the materials necessary to complete your job is quite steep. The implant and all its components can cost quite a bit, especially if those pieces are made in America. At Nathan Memmott, DDS, we utilize all U.S. made parts.

Lab Costs: The lab who will process your final abutment, and the crown will charge your dentist quite a bit of money to make those components.

These are the major expenses which are accrued by your dentist during your implant treatment. Each stage of the treatment has its prices, which is the reason why dental implants can be pricey.


At Nathan Memmott, DDS we all know that funding is an issue for the majority of people out there. That is why we provide payment plan options to make dental implants much more affordable for you and your family. With third party fund companies’ use, costs can be as low as $. Regaining your ability to weigh is priceless, but we also want to make sure your bank does not break while doing so.

Please give our office a call to prepare a consultation visit with Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS if you require a Dental Implant. You may also request an appointment by filling out your information, and one of our patient care coordinators will contact you within 24 hours. You could also schedule online.

We hope to see you soon!