Being the premier dental service provider in the entire Spring, Texas area, Nathan Memmott, DDS promises to be your partner in reaching that dream, a perfect smile. With the help of our safe, state of the art techniques in oral health treatments, you will certainly achieve that dazzling smile, leading to a better you.

As the leader in modern day dentistry, Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS has earned prominence as the most compassionate and fastest dental service provider. Being able to provide advanced oral health treatments, a total smile transformation can be done in just one visit!

With modern technology, a variety of dental treatments can be completed in only 20 minutes! These techniques do not just make the treatment faster, their efficiency has also been proven. As an example, the latest teeth whitening technology can take pride in its capability to whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades but here at Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS we can make your teeth whiter by 12 shades. Yes! 12 shades! In addition to this, Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS laser teeth whitening programs are proven to be gentle on sensitive teeth. So, even if you have sensitive teeth, the last thing you would worry about is the pain that might be associated with contemporary teeth whitening treatments.

It is not difficult to notice why these modern day teeth whitening treatments are becoming in demand to our patients. It is undeniable that our patients are clamoring for an advanced, competent and convenient dental approach. For sure our friends will be delighted to get to know more about what Dr. Nathan Memmott, DDS can offer in order to reinvigorate their smile, so here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Nathan Memmott, DDS Laser Teeth Whitening FAQ

How do I get Nathan Memmott, DDS Laser Teeth Whitening?

This treatment is available at Dr. Memmott’s dental office. In order to assess your oral health status prior to receiving this treatment, a visit to the dentist’s office is necessary.

How soon will I notice that my teeth are whiter?

Surprising as it may be, Nathan Memmott, DDS Laser Teeth Whitening is absolutely different from at home tooth whitening kits. It only takes 20 minutes for the effect to show! You can take pride of your teeth which can be 12 shades lighter within 20 minutes!

How does Nathan Memmott, DDS laser teeth whitening treatment go?

To start the treatment, the dentist will apply a small amount of gel to the front portion of your teeth. Nothing to worry because the gel does not have any taste at all and will only serve as a stimulant for the teeth whitening process. After this, the dentist will apply the light from the Nathan Memmott, DDS laser system to your teeth. Within a few minutes, you can see that radiant, beautiful and healthy looking smile that you have always dreamed of.